Caleb (AKA Ahab) of Call Me Ahab has added the Right Glue to his sidebar list of links to other blogs, as described in his most recent post. Apparently I'm quite funny at times. Good to know.

Before any rumours start up between his blog's four readers (or my two), I didn't do anything unflattering to gain the link. Through something akin to brain damage, he actually enjoys reading my ramblings about how the world of software engineering should be and how terrified I am of wallabies. Hopefully the doctors will cure his head sickness soon and he'll be back to his normal gun nuttery.

Caleb and I have known each other as online personas for quite some time now from ClanBOB, of all things. We have similar political, social and economic views (not the least of which is libertarianism) and so we tend to get along well enough for me to not get shot. Or that may be the fact that he lives a half continent away. I like to think that it's the former (it helps me sleep at night).

He does a lot of things wrong, though. Just look at his blog. It disobeys the second most important law of web design:

2: Use a fluid-width design but with a reasonable maximum limit to make sure those unenlightened who browse maximized don't hurt their eyes.

At least it satisfies rules 1 and 3, so I suppose it could be worse. But since when has "could be worse" ever been a favourable description?

On the topic of web design, I find that Caleb's site to be rather common. With the sidebar, the columnized content and the large header with menu links and all that. Very traditional, very low-risk design. We all know from traumatic experience that I'm not afraid of risks with respect to layouts, so maybe I'm not someone whose advice should be taken seriously with respect to weird layouts, but I think Caleb could do a lot better. At least make your width elastic, dude. Seriously.

There. This post now has enough content to be more than a mere reciprocal link post. Plus it links to my own site internally more than his, so HA!